Are you a Water Protector or Contaminator?
Take this quiz to see how well you are protecting our water resources:
Do you use phosphate-free detergents?
Do you put all your trash in a bag and dispose of it on land after your boating trip?
Do you use fertilizers sparingly and responsibly, to avoid contaminating surface water and groundwater?
Do you limit your use of pesticides, use them only as directed, or use alternatives?
If you own a waterfront home or cottage, do you protect and enhance your shoreline?
Do you avoid flushing chemicals down sinks or storm drains?
Would you participate in a local Clean Water Day?
Do you inspect your boat for zebra mussels and other aquatic plants, drain the bilge, and wash or dry your boat before you leave a waterbody?
Do you empty your bait bucket on land before leaving any waterbody?
Do you protect fish habitat by retaining aquatic vegetation along the shoreline?
Do you have regular maintenance done on your septic field or holding tank?
Do you practice water conservation in your household; that is, use low-water use appliances and fixtures, water your lawn sparingly, and repair leaks in pipes and faucets?
Do you compost kitchen and garden wastes and use these instead of inorganic fertilizer?
Do you purchase hazardous household products if there are environmentally friendly alternatives?
Do you recycle old batteries and used oil?
Do you purchase products with the Ecologo stamp of approval?
Do you buy biodegradable products?
Do you clean up your pet’s feces and dispose with your trash?
Do you avoid overfilling your boat’s fuel tank?
Do you reduce your speed when you navigate your motor boat close to the shoreline?
If you answered YES to:

18 to 20 of the questions-you are a WATER PROTECTOR!!! You are an excellent role model for your community; keep up the good work!

13 to 17 of the questions-good work but there is room for improvement!

Less than 12 of the questions-you are a WATER CONTAMINATOR!!! We need your help in protecting our water resources for present and future users.