I find it hard to believe that there are still so many people out there who think it is okay to wash
themselves, their pets, or anything at all in the lake! There is so much information available about
the pollution of lakes. But perhaps people turn a blind eye to it or they think that one person
won’t matter. Like you’re the only person doing it! The ones that get my dander up the most are
the ones who wash in the lake while they are feet away from their brand new cottage washroom with
an expensive new fully approved septic system! Do they even get the irony in that?

So when you take a bath in the lake where do you think the soap goes? Do you think it magically
disappears into nothing? How would that even be possible? Some people think that the soap just
gets sufficiently diluted to become harmless –they think it just gets washed away. I am hoping that you
can tell from my sarcastic tone here that none of these are actually the case.

The simple reason not to wash in the lake is because any kind of soap will add chemicals to the lake that interfere with the delicate balance of nature. And we all know that anything that interferes with nature is very bad. There are soaps out there that are phosphorus-free and say that they are biodegradable and people think that this is a license to use these products freely in lakes and rivers. Although phosphorus is one of the biggest polluters in our lakes today it is not the only thing that can pollute a lake. In the opinion of many scientists, any kind of cleaning agent will add to the pollution of a lake. The answer is to not use any kind of soap or shampoo in a lake it all.