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New to Vacation Rentals?

New to Vacation Rentals?

Thank you for your interest in vacation rentals in Algoma. Whether you are new to the the Algoma Region, new to vacation rentals, or just new to Cottage Haven, we are happy to assist you in finding the best fit for your vacation. Our rental agents are knowledgeable about our properties and available to answer questions or make recommendations. We are available by phone: 705-575-5585 and email When contacting us for more information, please provide us with any preferences that you may have, such as dates, location, number of guests, pet-friendly, etc. This will assist our staff in offering helpful recommendations and information.

Our website also offers a wealth of information and options. If you have specific dates in mind, you may search by your dates and limit the options by location and other features. Or, you may browse by location or other options to meet your needs (such as pet-friendly or a home to accommodate 10+ guests).

If you are looking for ideas on what to do or see in Algoma please visit our Activities & Attractions page. We have information on seasonal activities, dining, spa services, state parks, and more!

Again, thank you for your interest in Cottage Haven Vacation Rentals and we look forward to seeing you in Algoma.