Here are some fun Natural Remedies to try at the cottage. We are always looking for more to add to our list so send us your favorite natural remedies for the cottage and we’ll at them to this list.
Mosquito Repellant –Drink brewer’s yeast or take it in tablet form on a daily basis during the summer months. (Wonder if drinking beer counts!)

Mold and Mildew — Mold and mildew can be tackled with a mix of borax and water. Spray on and wipe off. In the shower, wash down with borax and do not rinse. The borax residue will fight mold growth.
Sunburn Reliever — Soak in a baking soda bath or apply a damp cloth saturated with a baking soda solution.
Ant Repellant — In kitchen and bathrooms, wash counter-tops, cabinets and floors with equal parts of vinegar and water or use Borax instead of the vinegar and water.
Bug Bites — Cut a potato in half and gently apply the cut section to the rash, bite or sting. The potato will help draw toxins out of the skin. (Of course, if it was a poisonous insect or if you have an allergic reaction to the but, seek medical help.)
Bug Bites 2 — A wedge of fresh pineapple can help neutralize the enzymes that are injected into the skin from insects. Stop using if it causes any redness or pain. Pineapple contains bromelain.