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Being mentally prepared to rent your cottage can mean a lot of different things depending on your situation.  Is yours a family cottage full of history and memories, or is it strictly a management property?  The important thing is that you are mentally prepared to move ahead with renting your cottage, to who will for the most part, be strangers.

Often the biggest stumbling block when moving into the world of property rental is realizing that renters won’t treat your property and contents with the same respect and care that you would.  Granted you will very likely have a process in place to screen and select guests to minimize the potential for problems, but at the of the day there will always be different level of care between an owner and a renter.

Your personal connection to the property will make all the difference in how you approach dealing with being prepared to rent your property.  It is a good idea to remove any particularly personal or special items from your property prior to guests arriving.  You can’t expect someone who doesn’t know you or your family to realize the difference between your favourite quilt and one that they could use for a beach picnic.  Make sure nothing is left behind that can’t be broken or lost, and you will save yourself a lot of frustration.

Think about whether you need to include any special rules for your guests.  Allowing or not allowing smoking or pets is an obvious issue, but what about limiting the number of guests allowed.  We will talk more about rules for your guests in future posts but it can form an important part of creating a situation for your property that you can live with.

Don’t be surprised if a certain level of discomfort and anxiety arises despite your best efforts to mentally prepare yourself.  You may even decide that ultimately the stress does not justify the additional income.  More likely however, as you continue with your property management business you will adapt and adjust your outlook to find an approach that works perfectly for you and your situation.

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