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Tenant Process

A very important part of your cottage rental business is determining your tenant process. This is where the physical guest experience begins and it is important that it begins the right way. It can be very hands...

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Create a Budget and Forecast

When you hear the terms budgeting and forecasting it is most often in reference to large businesses or organizations.  Even as a small business owner budgeting and forecasting are very valuable tools that can...

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Don’t Forget a Marketing Plan

The idea that you may actually need a marketing plan to promote your vacation...

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Cottage Rules

It would be great if you could just rely on common sense and didn’t need...

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How To Get Paid

In a previous post we talked about how to set your rental price.  Now we need...

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How to Set Your Cottage Rental Price

How much to charge for your cottage rental involves a number of elements that...

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Don’t Be Exposed to Liability

Liability exposure is something that needs to be taken seriously when you are...

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